Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Polly Cove Petroglyph - Double Spiral & Dolmen

 "A double spiral is used to represent the equinoxes, when day and night are of equal length. "

Double Spiral


Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Bedford Barrens & The Bottomless Pit ( Oak Island )

I'm not sure where to begin.. It has been some time since I have attempted any sort post!
Plz bare with me ,  forgive me in advance..I am not a writer ;)

I'm just a syncher.

  Happy Valentines ((Y))oni Day!

As you all know I have always be drawn to the mysterious, well actually I should say it finds me, as does most synchronicity, it just flows right to you.  Most the syncs are related to me personally. It's when you least expect it, it hits you like a wall. Try running, it will chase you. lol

"Synchronicities express themselves through chance meetings and natural events as well as in dreams and supernatural episodes." - Daniel Pinchbeck

 Like today for example, nothing like seeing eggs on sale 2$ with a limit of 4 ea .  I could live off eggs! I giggle to myself and thought -420 majick hour. "Hey lets move to the country and live off chickens" I kid.  The light turns read and we are stuck in traffic. behind a Bull :

( this will come into play later: as Taurus -bull constellation ) the lic.plate #MM700  in the window was a sticker that said "Farmers feed Cities" .  I was not to far from the Bayers Lake Mystery wall
even the # plays into this, but I have left it out.

History channel, Oak Island and the Bedford Barrens.

The HC has a fairly new show on the go called the "Curse of Oak Island". It has wrapped up its second season leaving everyone on their toes for a season3. It seems that the little bubble of Nova has been thrown into the spot light once again as it gains popularity.   Which this is great boast for tourism & the local economy, but with the good comes the bad and the ugly. ( That a subject to for its own post lol )

Which brings me to this update. While watching all the drama fold down across social media , I notice that a gentleman had posted some videos about Nova Scotia and her " mysteries ". The subject matter covered in these blew me away !  In the years I have been watching oak island I have yet to see anyone put the connections together as well as he had ! When i watched his video on the Bedford glyphs matched perfectly with what I had seen.

For your viewing pleasure.  Also check out his channel and other videos

I had lived on lived barrens and over the years had come to my own conclusions to the possibility of this "vigina" (as some would call it) glyph and 8 pointed star .  So I had to reach out to Jack MacNab I wanted show him some of the features I had seen out back. He shares the same passion about the site as I do.   I was surprise to hear back so soon and even more shocked that he was aware of my 3kings/7sister work from back in the Synchromystic forum.

While exploring out back one day out back where this glyph is , I could hear a brook bubbling, so I set off to find it. I was not aware of any brooks in this area.  It was a nice calm day and the the only sound in the woods was the crackle of our shoes. That allowed us to find the spot very quickly.

Here is another feature:

It is truly a beautiful spot. It is to bad its not protected!

The bull: Is what I believe that the other constellation that is w/ in the Bedford petroglyph. It seems to be a theme with other finds w/ in the province. I will get into this more when time permits

I will leave you with this -

"The healing and nourishing effects of the holy well/spring waters emanate from the breast of the earth-mother, so it follows naturally that the spirit of the well/spring was feminine. " - 

Yoni from which the sacred waters flow

 #MM700  symbolism to come. IN the mean time, click on the photo if you would like to read more.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Vampirism Cure Nova Scotia

The world's most obscure, desolate island is 200 miles off the Nova Scotia mainland. This is the best place to hide the cure for vampirism. ....

Isle of Sable/Sable Island

Well it doesnt look like they are really 200 miles off NS

Thursday, March 29, 2012