Wednesday, December 31, 2008

There's Something about Mars...

Last night PBS air Nova -Is There Life on Mars "The decades-long search for life on the Red Planet heats up with the discovery of frozen water. "
"Through interviews with scientists and stunning computer animations of the changing martian environment, NOVA pieces together a picture of a world rocked by cataclysms. A recent theory proposes that Mars once captured an asteroid into orbit around the planet, generating a strong magnetic field in the process and resulting in a thicker atmosphere and surface water. The object later crashed into Mars, creating the dramatic contrast between northern and southern terrain, and also rendering the planet the arid place it is today." TV Program Description
It has been proved that the planet has water today in the form of subsurface ice. The soil was not dry as expected but, instead it was "sticky". --> could it be moisture held up in the soil ?

Another thing that caught my eye is the soil pH balance of the Red Planet @ a whooping 8.5pH!
".0 is acid ------ blood pH ( 7.35 - 7.45 ) healthy ------ over 7 to 14 is alkaline. A healthy body is slightly alkaline measuring approximately 7.4"-Understanding pH Level
The Nova program mention that "you could grow Asparagus in 8.5"

What NASA Isn't telling you....About Mars by Ted Twietmeyer
Part 1 & Part 2

Why has the agency been "looking for past signs of water" while completely ignoring any REAL proof of life?

1. The sky is blue - not red. Click here for Evidence of tampering
"Even NASA / JPL writes in this article about the possibility of blue sky and 3 days before Pathfinder landed, this note appeared in a press release by NASA: If dust diffuses to the landing site, the sky could turn out to be pink like that seen by Viking," says Philip James of the University of Toledo. "Otherwise, Pathfinder will likely show blue sky with bright clouds." Blue Sky and Life on Mars

Above was taken by Associated Press

Same hill on the upper-right, slightly zoomed-out, There seems to be some sort of colour calibration issue going on.

Evidence that NASA is altering the true colors of the pictures of Mars

Here is another blue sky photo

A picture from Bild der Wissenschaft (02.1977) shows the first Viking 1 color picture which was later "color corrected" without any scientific reason.

"Mars Blue Sky, Lightning & Self-Removing Dust:
COLOR REFERENCE TABS are a part of the sundial mounted on both Mars rovers. Reference charts for color calibration are mounted on all Mar's spacecraft since the days of Viking. There should be no fiddling with "tint" in color images when you have color reference tabs. But let's not cloud the issue with facts."

Hidden Colors of Goro Adachi
There are more images at the above link showing the calibration target with sky in tow.
As Goro states:
"The blue is hot pink, the green is virtually nonexistent and the red is brown. This explains the ruddy caste to the ground and sky in this otherwise beautiful image." -Goro Adachi

2. There is liquid H20

Lake Steadman

3. Ancient Artifacts & Anomalies

The "face" & other large scale art


Gematria And Code-Related Numbers

Inca City // Spiraled dome // Cliff Palace

Mayan pyramids taken by ESA - upper left corner somewhat to Snefru's Pyramid

NASA Images Reveals a "Doorway" Structure

4. Life

Main evidence Directory @ Mars anomaly research which covers all of the above in great detail.

5. Mars-Earth connection

Mars & Washington DC "The Washington D.C./Arlington, Virginia area is an exact geometric duplicate of Cydonia."

Mars: What's really going on and why won't they tell you? And why the strong connection to Egypt?

This being only the tip of the iceberg ....

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Dalet said...

very interesting. What is the real deal anyway. I can't watch the videos while i'm at work right now, but i'll try to catch them later. I don't know if you heard that interview that Henrick did with the MKUltra assasin, Duncan O'Finioan (i think that was him). He had also done a Project Camelot interview.

He says that he gets very weird feelings everytime that he looks at mars and can't remember why. Is it our past? Is it our future?

I think it is both.