Friday, August 7, 2009

8/7 Sidney "the Kid " Crosby Day

Halifax Mayor Peter J. Kelly has said he will declare the day "Sidney Crosby Day."
In an interview with CTV News Channel, Kelly called the event "just like Christmas" for the kids who have gathered to see Crosby, and praised his leadership skills.

Born August 7, 1987, Jersey number 87, cup won in game #87
His Day declared Aug 7 (87)

Hockey Star Sidney Crosby Caught in Bed with Stanley Cup!
That faint whimpering you hear coming from the north is the sound of all of Canada's single ladies weeping over the discovery that their nation's most eligible bachelor is now taken.

All I've got to say is put a rubber on it, Kid. We know where she's been and it's not pretty. Lord only knows we don't need another Magic Johnson on our hands.

During the ensuing 107 years, the Cup has seen more action than a hooker at a Shriner's convention. Here are a few of the more entertaining stories:

3) You know, the Holy Grail is just its nickname . . .

Sidney Crosby, who's been on more magazine covers recently than a harried Britney Spears rushing into family court with giant sunglasses and a flask of Cuervo, is featured in the February issue of SI Kids, listing his favorite things in life for the dedicated readership; including his favorite actor (Denzel) and actress: the handsome Eva Mendes. Since she can't act ("Ghost Rider" ... seriously?), I think it's safe to assume Sidney is simply jonesing for an incredibly attractive and quite famous woman - it ain't the first time her name's come up. Wayne had his Janet, Fedorov had his Kournikova ...hell, even Comrie has his Duff. So how do we get these knuckleheads together for the NHL's next super couple? And then, for the betterment of hockey, force them to breed...

HA! She wishes.

The kid eats octo'pussy' for lunch!!


Metro had an amazing show tonite of thunder, lighting along with a beautiful rainbow from 7:50pm-8:15pm, that spaned from Halifax to Cole Harbour. Go figure the only time i leave my camera behind I'd miss the money shot.

Luckly for me somebody was home to grab a shot for me, the poor quality photo (right) was a shot via cell phone from the MicMac Mall parking lot looking towards Cole Harbour. Absolutely beautiful! Never again will i leave home with out the digi!

What a perfect way to end "Kid Crosby Day"

2 bolts of lighting - 2 claps of thunder with a full rainbow!

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