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Who the *#@! is Alice?

No matter how hard one tries to hide, there is no escaping synchronicity!! I have said this all my life. If you try to ignore it I guarantee it will only slap you harder, until u pay attention to what the 'verse is trying to tell you.

I stop blogging for a while, as it seemed some sort of monkeybone was playing a trickster on me. Numerous hard drive crashes, blue screen, rebooting & lost info (even though blogger auto saves .. ) along with freak streak of bad luck, i eventually gave up. I'm not much of a writer, even worst at trying to explain the world through my eyes.

I left a promise to get more personal with my blog, as most things here are directly related to my meat suit experiences. I may have enough draft posts to put something together.

I guess i will start by a brief introduction.....

I must forewarn you all : English was my worst subject, it was a blessing at the same time. I learned my alphabet via association to numbers and or objects . 7 was upside down L/ right side it's a J and so forth onto T F P where variations of my 7. Sometimes i forgot to add 'tails" to them. I failed grade 3 because i couldn't memorize and i just didn't fit into the establishments perfect model student.

Some of u may have notice that most my post are somewhat void of my own 2cents, now u know why... Photos speak more to the eye, far better then the English words i can muster up

Lip syncs is something i have notice since i was about a kid. The story behind this, is all in nickname given to me by Nancy Regan, when she was a news reporter doing a story on beached pilot whales, near my home town. When excited my slang & fast talk come right out! Thanks to Nancy, the 'motor mouth' stuck like white on rice, my father was a mechanic, so the name was fitting.

One side of the ancestry family tree is filled w/ jockies!

Some of my first memories as a child where strange to say the least. I was born to a very young set of parents (16/17) in the summer of '75. The small town hospital i ascended in, there was 1 other child born that day with me. I meet him during my second trip through grade3 in Smith's Cove, an area in which i knew by heart. It was the one of my most frequent stop in my astral travels. ( not to be mistaken for Oak Island's Smith Cove.) We meet numerous times over and over through our teens & 20's. My first accident - Mr.King put his motorbike into the back window of my red Dodge Colt.

We share Tesla birthday. The ascendant Tesla became obsessed with the number three.
"he often felt compelled to walk around a block three times before entering a building, demanded a stack of three folded cloth napkins beside his plate at every meal, etc."
We lived with my grand parents 'till i was about 3 1/2 - 4ys old. I can remember walking the planks of a house that was in progress of going up, and being told that was going to be our home. I was so excited a new yard to explore, bedroom all my own & lots of little ppl around to play with. It was about the same time my brother Christopher was born. It was also the end of my innocence, thanks to a Kinsey fan.

* Gotta love synchronicity!! As i was saying you can not advoid it!!! While trying to find a photo of the church with the Golden phallus ( which i always thought looked just like a penis) I happen to stumble upon this gem --> Seems her and i have the same thought bubble and both grew up Bear River!! ( wonder if she is also RH - i have found alot of ppl flock to this area are) She was born @ 9:12 am - i was born at 9:15 Pm!

King Arthur / Knights Templar / Holy Grail Connections
The Bear River United Baptist Church has a circular yellow dome which glows at night and looks like a UFO. This is the church that I attended and was baptized on May 30, 1971. The church was literally in my back yard.

I was a handful to say the least. I have 'ADHD'. I can remember seeing shrinks , who told my parents i was spoiled. I have always stood out, tried hard to fit in.. only to back fire.

I didnt even make it a week in Oakdene school and i was sent to office. I showed to much interest in my bff's nose bleed. Blood has always fantasized me. I though it was blue... till i seen that drop and tried to go in for a closer look, guess that wasn't the right thing to do. Oakdene is (was) surround by giant Oaks, and to till day no matter where i live there is giant Oak in my backyard.

GRRRReat! -->

I lost 1/2 this post

UM... Where was I ?
.. in the middle of the story of my first UFO sighting when the monkeybone hit.

From the top again lol.

It wasn't until the gift of my first child that things started to come together. .. they where worried about my rare blood type, low iron count and RH negative blood with a positive Rh father. Rare blood type , i joked.. that's why i'm so weird. I was told was that the blood of my child was 'incompatible' with my own, and that my body would see it as foreign and try to abort it. To stop by body from doing this required monthly blood work to check for anti-bodies along with some needle injections to make sure i carry to term!

It was close to full term, i went 2 weeks early. The baby did not dropped & i stop dilating @ 3 inches, so ended up with C-section & thankfully i didn't bleed to death.

My purple no-named baby was the star attraction. Doctors & nurses came from all departments to see. I didn't really understand the fuss, curiosity got the best of me so i asked the nurse. It was not typical of white woman to give birth to baby that color & at first they thought the baby was African American, so when it spread around the hospital he wasn't, all the staff wanted to see for themselves a 'purple baby' . I thought that was the oddest thing ever & wonder what was wrong in these peoples head. I filed that under the valley hillbilly folder and never looked back until the WWW hit. It was here I found others with similar birthing.

It was shortly after this i had drop my child off to his Nana's for a visit with his father (which is a whole freakshow in itself!! ). On my way back to town with a friend we pulled over on the shoulder of the road to watch a sliver orb. When the Facebook fad came along i almost fell outta my chair when i scrolled past this in a group :

sliver orbish thing top right

The silver orb hovered over the north mountain for about 5 mins, then disappeared. Vanished into thin air. To this day, he tells me that was the craziest thing by far he has ever seen. We are not alone, tories from the local fisherman will tell tails of strangeness on the Bay of Fundy from sea monsters to UFO's diving in/out.

So is it my blood that makes me different? Perhaps, there's alot of oddities to the orgins of Rh negative. I know the "check" list of common traits .. i have them. ( besides alien abductions )

Further info here: origins-of-rhesus-negative

I often find myself looking back at childhood; my first memorizes, astral travel, lucid dreaming for these patterns that seem to follow me like ( or am i following them because of my childhood linkage): Oak, King, 3, 7 , fairy, blood, moon, horses and all the other type things u find on my blog. I have wrote some of these here @
under Personal Syncs & Who R U ? Who R Wii ? If i ever get the time.. i will add them here.

"Follow your inner moonlight; don't hide the madness." - Allen Ginsberg
Hermann Hesse

If the origins of the RH negative blood have any truth to being related to the 'reptilians' /alien/Demon/JInn or whatever ... here's a personal syncs to consider ..

My mom ( PBUH) name was Susan:

Plz meet Sue the Trex --> "Sue" is the nickname given to FMNH PR 2081 which is the largest, most extensive and best preserved Tyrannosaurus rex specimen ever found

I don't see myself as evil ? or alien? anunnaki ? reptilian. I have huge compassion for humanity, and this world current condition breaks my heart.

Come ON kids, cant we all get along? This is, after all the biggest cosmic playground u will find this of side of the verse!

Much Love

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