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Origins of Rhesus Negative

The "alien history rhesus negative" or "forbidden knowledge rhesus negative"
Majority of mankind has a blood factor common with the rhesus monkey - RH positive. - Completely independent from A, B 0 rh- lacking the factor contained in all earthly primates.
six genetic races:
One of the Rh genes is usually written as rh (with a small "r.") The rh gene is recessive to all the other genes in the Rh series. Therefore, it is only when a person is homozygous for rh (that is, has two rh genes) that it can be detected. Such a person is said to be Rh-negative. A person with only one rh gene or none at all is Rh-positive. WILLIAM C. BOYD PH.D.

The Basque People
The Basques have the highest recorded level of Rh-negative blood (roughly twice that of most Europeans)

* A unique system of measurement based on the number 7, instead of 10, 12, or 60
* Made regular visits to North America long before Columbus to fish and to trade for beaver skins. (Recently unearthed British customs records show large Basque imports of beaver pelts from 1380-1433.)
* The invention of a sophisticated navigational device called an "abacus." (No relation to the common abacus.)

Two facts set the Basque people apart from the other Europeans who have dominated the continent the past 3,000 years: (1) The Basque language is distinctly different; and (2)The Basques have the highest recorded level of Rh-negative blood (roughly twice that of most Europeans),

Legend states the Devil tried to learn Basque by listening behind the door of a Basque farmhouse. After seven years, he mastered only two words: ``Yes, Ma'am.'' This, say the Basques, is a tribute to their women as well as the difficulty of their tongue. Some believe it was the original language of the book of Genesis

The Rh-Negatives Factor is considered a "Mutation" of "Unknown Origin", which happened in Europe, about 25,000-35,000 years ago. Then this group spread heavily into the area of what is now Spain, England, Ireland, etc. Strange Facts Concerning Rh-Negatives

* Rh-negative women and men display Reptilian Traits:
* An EXTRA-Vertebra (a "Tail Bone"). Some are born with an actual tail (called a "Cauda"). In Sanskrit, Ketuu = The south Lunar Node, also known as Cauda/Draconis, in latin, "dragon's tail" in English.
* Lower than normal Body Temperature
* Lower than normal Blood Pressure
* Higher mental analytical abilities
* Higher Negative-ion shielding (from positive "charged" virus/bacteria) around the body
* High Sensitivity to EM and ELF Fields
* Hyper Vision and other senses
* Have a strong sense of mission or purpose

More TRAITS found in RH negatives:
There are certain similarities that occur to those having RH negative blood - according to some who have it there are common patterns found, which include the following:

1. predominance of green or hazel eyes that change color, also blue eyes
2. reddish hair , brown
3. low pulse rate
4. low blood pressure
5. keen sight or hearing
6. ESP
7. extra rib or vertabrae
8. UFO connections
9. love of space and science
10. a sense of not belonging to the human race
11. piercing eyes
12. para-normal occurrences
13. physic dreams
14. truth seekers
15. desire for higher wisdom
16. empathetic illnesses
17. deep compassion for fate of mankind
18. a sense of a 'mission' in life
19. physic abilities
20. unexplained scars on body
21. capability to disrupt electrical appliances
22. alien contacts (Many Starseeds are RH negative)

Distribution of Blood Types of Blood Donors:
O Rh-positive: 37 percent
A Rh-positive: 36 percent
B Rh-positive: 9 percent
AB Rh-positive: 3 percent
O Rh-negative: 7 percent
A Rh-negative: 6 percent
B Rh-negative: 1 percent
AB Rh-negative: 1 percent

From the Mar. 18, 1985 issue of TIME magazine
Prince Charles, 36, who has become the first member of the royal family ever to give blood, in his case, O Rh-negative.

"but if European Royalty refuse to marry into the Rh Negative blood line it means one
thing...Rh-Neg people are a "competing royal line" from "
The Revelations of an Elite Family Insider

Legend has it that In Japan, the idea of blood type as personality type is so popular that Japanese ask “What's your blood type?” about as often as Americans ask “What's your sun sign?”
Type A is calm and trustworthy;
Type B is creative and excitable;
Type AB is thoughtful and emotional;
and Type O is a confident leader.

American Indians tradition of making good friends is by blood brother ritual, rh- & rh+ mixed together clot

Some famous rh -'s
JFK// Erich Von Daniken //Brad Stiger ( Author of god of aquarius)
Robert Antone Wilson - author of Illuminus is rh - (book has a list of famous rh -)
Jesus ( The Shroud) is said to be tested ab-
Noah could possibly be rh- ( txt of enoch )
it is also said the lost tribe of Israel is said to be rh-'s
Gilgamesh 1/2 human 1/2 god could also be a candidate for rh-


pablito305 said...

Very great blog; I am a Basque O rh negative!

Unknown said...

I was just researching my blood type Rh- and came across this page. I've found it really interesting, and it has stirred me to want to look into understanding my blood group further. Thank you.

Chezi said...

Im actually freaked , i think everything mentioned matched !

Pete said...

The elite family insider was just some geek who was pretending.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I find it strange I am a Freemason and have ab- and rh- blood types. I was also blonde until I was 5-6 with blue eyes I am now dark brown and have hazel eyes. I had Cancer at 20 and was told by my hematologist to be happy I am not related to a monkey. I am 36 now and healthy...Weird.

Unknown said...

I have RH-O ne,gative blood. I have red hair, blueish green eyes. My parents are from the Netherlands. I FIND THIS IFO INTERESTING

teemuney said...

I have b- blood type and since reading these blogs I've realized most of the personalitiesr I share too..for example I'm black and Arabic and have natural reddish hair and I have dreams about people that end up happening. This is too interesting

Unknown said...

J - i do beleive that some RH neg blood types do have the ability to 'heal' one self. I have also had medical issues that seemed to clear up its own while waiting to see 'specialist' :) Glad ur still kickin it.

Benji said...

Interesting idea but i am an Ethiopian with B rh negative how likely is that?

Lopez High School said...

Skin colour is related to climate conditions of ancestors. RH negative is related to a group of humans who traversed the entire world and were able to mate with NON rh negative, especially the males. The females could only have 2 offspring before building up an immunity, now anyone can mate because of the RHOGRAM drug which causes the BABY blues.

voidaddress said...

Just say no to the Rhogam...we are a different species...I wish these sites would lose the mysticism.