Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Morgellon's Disease

A silent plague.

Back in 2000 i surf onto an page about this fiber disease. It hit a cord because I was a huge thrift shopper & a lot of the cloths where from the US. Cluster areas are said to be Texas, Flordia and California. I have been interested in Morgellon's ever since. It was no surprise that it has been supressed for years. It has only been in the last 2 years that the CDC has launched an investigation. Thank goodness that some University's are working with Morgellons suffers trying to figure out what this "fiber" disease is.

Morgellon's victims have numerous symptoms ...Lyme disease is found in a good precentage of patients which range from creepy crawly feeling under the skin, fibers coming out of lesions that will not heal, granules, "starfish", worms.. and the list goes on.

These fibers also glow under black light and seem to be silicone based.

Tests show that these fibers not a man made textile, they are non-biological material & is often mistaken for " delusional parasitosis". The fibers do not burn at normal temp. samples are shown that were heated in a butane flame for 30 seconds.
"silicone cannot make silica, but silica or silica bicarbonate can make silicone through natural cellular interaction in a biological system. The subject did not have breast implants or any other implant or silicon glue injections. "
Here is a great site of a 10 yr sufferer and reseacher: Living with a Nighmare where they go into great detail about the nanotechnology

Billy Koch, a former Major League baseball player & his family are also a victims.
Here is a video database.

In China it is known as strongylus monosprinigerum

Has genetic engineering created a new epidemic??
Preliminary findings suggest a link between Morgellons Disease and Agrobacterium, a soil bacterium extensively manipulated and used in making GM crops;
Or could there be a sinister plot brewing behind this disease & its nanofibers?

I Am Legend and the Depopulation Agenda :
History has shown that some sort of plague has followed every release of “I Am Legend,” both the book, and all film adaptations.
“I Am Legend” (1954 book) Setting: 1976-1979.
Outbreak: 1957: Flu pandemic (and Polio vaccine introduced)

“The Last Man on Earth” (1964 film) – Setting: 1968.
Outbreak: 1967: flu pandemic

“The Omega Man” (1971 film) – Setting: 1977
Outbreak: 1976 – swine flu scare

“I Am Legend” (2007 film) – Setting 2009-2012
Outbreak: ???
Stay tuned - more info coming soon

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