Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Trinity_Part 2

Egypt "holy trinity" Ra/Osiris/Isis
From Left to right - Babylonian//Egypt//Modernized Egypt

Gods often changed their names over the centuries to mask their identity.

Isis is often shown with her son Horus in her arms. She is crowned with the lunar orb, ornamented with the horns of rams or bulls. Other wise know as the Egypt Madonna. Horus symbol is the "all seeing eye"
"The Trinity doctrine is the religious edification of the equilateral triangle. The doctrine goes all the way back to ancient Egypt and Babylon. The Egyptians and Babylonians both had a Trinity. The Egyptian Trinity consisted of Osiris Father, Isis Mother and Horus Son. Freemasons call geometry "sacred geometry". The Bible calls creation only "good" not "sacred". An equilateral triangle has three 60 degree angles and in occultic numerology used by the mystery religions of Babylon 60 reduces down to 6 because 6+0=6 so therefore an equilateral triangle is 666. It doesn't matter if a triangle is equilateral or not because any triangle when you average out the angles still reduces down to 666 in numerology. The trinity doctrine is defined such as: "The Father is God the Son is God and the Holy Spirit is God and they are coeternal and coequal but yet there are not three Gods but one God." This is not a description of God but the description of an equilateral triangle. Three 60 degree angles all equal but one triangle. The false trinity doctrine can rightly be called monotheism because it is the worship of the equilateral triangle. Therefore the trinity doctrine is 666 the worship of creation rather then the One Creator Jehovah God who created all things through His Son Christ Jesus. The "all seeing eye" depicted on such things as the back of a dollar bill is actually the eye of Horus the Egyptian Son god." The Satanic Trinity
Origin of the Trinity - From Paganism to Constantine

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