Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Trinity _Part 3

Today's trinity --> ‘father’ – ’son’ and ‘holy spirit’

Right -Majestas Domini -Christ in majesty in a mandorla, surrounded by emblems of the evangelists: aka watergate. Notice the sun gods symbolized by their associated animals in the 4 corners

left; A central Christian doctrine is visualized by Tintoretto in The Holy Trinity Adored by the Heavenly Choir. The Columbia Museum, the Samuel H. Kress Collection

Do you know what halo’s are? They’re not just some form of ‘holy light.’ The true definition of the word ‘halo’ means – ’solar disc’. So these are actually - ’sun discs’- which represent the image of – that’s right - you’ve guessed it – yes – the sun gods!

Notice the all seeing eye above the Pope??

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