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The most important series you will ever see....Part 1

This series will explore the Antichrist's different manifestations throughout history in chronological order.

"But I will tell you about him something of which no prophet has told his nation before me. You should know that he is one eyed and Allah is not one eyed" - Sahih Bukhari

Part 1 - Summary

This video seeks to prove that the figure expected to rise at the End Times known as Antichrist, Al-Dajjal, and by many other names is in fact a Reptilian ShapeShifter who has been alive on this planet since at least 10, 500 BC.

Horus is one of the oldest deities in Ancient Egyptian religion and his symbol is the right "Eye of Horus" (Alternate Spellings: Heru-ur, Harseisis, Heru-sa-Aset, Hrw, Hr) He was a falcon God.

He was the offspring of Osiris & Isis
"Hathor, goddess of the sky, the female counterpart of Osiris, god of the underworld. She was sometimes represented as a cow with a sun-disk held up between two horns---but here just the horns and sun-disk are emphasized. Like Isis, she is associated with love, mirth, and joy."
Isis (also known as Hathor) is also referred to as "she with 2 faces".

Osiris is a deity associated with the Orion Constellation.

Horus' left eye was gouged out according to myth in a struggle with his brother Set.
see Note1

Contrary to what history has taught - the Great Pyramids of Giza where built around 10, 500 BC, and aligned perfectly with Orion's belt. See Graham Hancock-Heavens Mirror. Also: The Pyramids - More About Celestial Alignment.

Osiris' ancestor from who he inherited his authority was the Egyptian God Atum.
He is sometimes depicted as a black bull carrying the sun disk between his horns. Atum is the primal creator Variants: Ra-Atum/Atum-Ra

Osiris & Atum seated with offerings.

Atum's name means "the complete one" and also "finisher of the world" whom would return at the end of the world. He was a hermaphrodite called the "great he-she"
From baby names : Atum was a primordial god that was represented in the form of a human and a serpent. He was the supreme god in the Heliopolitan Ennead (group of nine gods)
Ancient Egypt: The Mythology
According to the priests of Heliopolis, Atum was the first being to emerge from the waters of Nun at the time of creation. Originally, he was a serpent in Nun and will return to that form at the end of time.
It is told that Atum created offspring by having sex with his shadow referred to "Iusaaset" meaning "the great one who comes forth". The birthplace of these Gods was North of Heliopolis where there lies an Acacia tree which was also considered to be the tree of life own by Iusaaset

The Great Pyramid

The pyramid chamber had shafts pointing to the Orion constellation where Atum would lift the dead King's soul to the heavens. His descendant, Osiris, the father of Horus was often depicted as having green skin. Osiris' Ba ( soul power) was worshipped as a distinct God and was indentified as a Ram named Banebjad. Banebjad is really the original Baphomet.

Osiris is important because he would found the Kingdoms of the Earth, the underworld (under the Earth) and the Underwater. (Each a dwelling place for these Jinn Reptilians.)

Osiris married twice. Once to Isis whose name meant "female of flesh", in other words, a mortal, a human. Who would give birth to their son Horus. Secondly Horus married Hatmehyt, the fish Goddess and was depicted as a fish or as a woman with a fish crown.
"And also the Shayatin (devils) of the Jinns ( including) every kind of builder and diver" Sura Saad
And so Osiris became Lord of the Earth and Sea. Osiris then interbred with the Desert Goddess Nephthys, whose name meant "Lady of the Temple Enclosure". Nephthys gave birth to their son Anubis who became Garurdian of the Underwould.

Anubis was almost always dipected as a Dog or a Wolf headed.
"The Jinn are of three kinds, one have wings and fly, another look like snakes and dogs, and the third move about from place to place like men." - Hadith
The hybrid child of Isis and Osiris, Horus it is said that he married his mother Isis and became his father Osiris. Often depicted as a Falcon flying, his name actually meant " high & distant" reflecting his sky nature.

According to scholars, the many stories of Horus' life led to essentially the creation of a one world religion, which was in many places. Each place adjusting their Gods and Prophets to fit the model of Horus and secretly reflect and spread a one world religion.
Horus vrs Set or light vrs darkness as each night passes to day, as the sun rises & sets.

Horus -Egypt 3000 BC was born on DEC 25, born of a virgin, star in the East Adorned by 3 Kings, teacher by 12, baptized/ministry at 30, 12 disciples, performed miracles, "lamb of God"/ "the light" crucified, dead for 3 days, resurrected.
Attis - Greece 1200 BC -born of a virgin, on DEC 25, crucified, dead for 3 days, resurrected.
Mithera- Persia 1200 BC- born of a virgin, on DEC 25, 12 disciples, preformed miracles,
Krishna- India 900 BC - born of a virgin, star in the East, performed miracles, resurrected.
Dionysus-Greece 500 BC -born of a virgin, on DEC 25, preformed miracles, "King of Kings", "Alpha & Omega", resurrected.

The Movie Zeigeist does a good job shedding light on this topic.

The worship of celestial objects was not what the Eyptians were doing. In fact it was not only till much later in Egyptian history did Horus start becoming associated with the Sun, but it wasn't just the sun, it was the entire sky.

Horus wasnt being identified with the Sun until the Hellinic period and even then the Egyptians found the idea awkward and Ra (the Sun God) and Horus never successfully merged as one falcon headed Sun God.

The Egyptians regarded the Gods of the Land ilke Horus, Isis and Osiris to be seperate then the Sun God and Gods that they could interact with, expecially through the King monarchy whom where desendants or incarnations of these Gods. _ All very well documented.

Futhermore, it is well documented that the battle of Horus and Set was code for the battle between Upper and Lower Egypt, not day and night.

If u see the Zeitgeist, they argue that Jesus was another Sun God bcause of the ressurrection story, his death on the cross and his birthday on Dec 25 etc.... Most biblical scholars agree that Jesus wasnt born in December. In fact they believe he was most likely born in the summer time. Jesus' status as God, Demi-God or Prophet was all decided by vote at the Council of Nicea around 330 AD, by the Romans.

That council decided all the facts about Christainatiy and gave power to the Reptilian Roman Catholic Church who changed the Sabbath, altered Biblical Texts including leaving certain texts out of the Bible while adding in Greek stories like the book of Esther, they introducked the worshop of Mary, deified Popes, launched crudades against Jews and Muslims and much more.

End Part 1 ... to be continued.

* note1- while researching facts to provide links i found... The Eyes of Horus -It speaks of both left and right eye of Horus and what it represents.

The Left Eye of Horus represents abstract aesthetic information controlled by the right brain. It deals with esoteric thoughts and feelings and is responsible for intuition. It approaches the universe in terms of female oriented ideation. We use the Left Eye, female oriented, right side of our brain for feeling and intuition.

The Right Eye of Horus represents concrete factual information controlled by the left brain. It deals with words, letters, and numbers and those things which are describable in terms of sentences or complete thoughts. It approaches the universe in terms of male oriented ideation.

"Let the Eye of Horus come forth from the god and shine outside his mouth." The Pyramid Texts

"Horus was one of five offspring of the original pair of Egyptian gods, Ra and Rhea. Horus' siblings were Osiris, Set, Isis, and Nephthys. Osiris succeeded Ra as king of Egypt and married Isis, his sister. Their brother, Set, slew Osiris, who descended to preside over the land of the dead. The widow, Isis, called upon her brother, Horus, to destroy Set, which he did after many battles. Eventually, Osiris was resurrected."


"Horus as now conceived is a mixture of the original deities known as "Horus the Child" and "Horus the Elder". As the Child, Horus is the son of Osiris and Isis, who, upon reaching adulthood, becomes known as Her-nedj-tef-ef ("Horus, Avenger of His Father")

"...the Eye of Horus hath made me holy...I will hide myself among you, O ye stars which are imperishable. My brow is the brow of Ra." The Pyramid Texts


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You're getting verses from the Quran...that has nothing to do with Atum or any of those gods...the Quran describes a monotheistic religion (Islam), not the gods of Ancient Egypt. And the hadith is from the Muslim's prophet Muhammad. And those verses describe devils, not the ancient egyptian gods. Just wanted to clarify...

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