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La Maga Circe

La Maga Circe

The word “Church” comes from:

* Comes from a Scottish word “kirk”. It goes back to a Greek goddess called Mother Circe.
* It becomes Mother Circ in Rome.
* The Templars took it to Scottland and called it Mother Kirk and the English call it Mother Church.

KIRKE (or Circe) was a goddess pharmakeia (witch or sorceress) who lived with her nymph attendants on the mythical island of Aiaia. She was skilled in the magic of metamorphosis, the power of illusion, and the dark art of necromancy. When Odysseus landed on her island she transformed his men into animals, but with the help of the god Hermes, he overcame the goddess and forced her to release his men from her spell. Kirke's name was derived from the Greek verb kirkoô meaning "to secure with rings" or "hoop around"--a reference to her magical powers.

Christianity was invented at the council of Nicaea in the 3rd century AD by the Roman emperor Constantine the great and others. The original idea was to unite the various cultures within the Roman empire under a new religion that could be ruled from Rome (the church of Rome, later to be know as the Roman Catholic church). The council decided to just take parts of the various religions within the empire and mash them into one religion. There are parts of Judaism, Paganism, Greek mythology, Egyptian Saturn worship and others all spliced together to make up Christianity.

Mother Circe hypnotized people to feed and take care of her. So basically Mother Circe (or church) brainwashed people to serve her. Much like the churches do today. The word kirk sounds familiar, captain kirk from star trek, "bringing men where he has never been before."

Circe is the witch living in the island of Aeaea, who was visited by the ARGONAUTS, and Odysseus. mother of the Minotaur. Daughter of Helios and Persē

Mother Circe was an enchantress who would seek out those who were lost, invite them into her house and lock the door behind them so they could never leave. Once inside her house Mother Circe would feed them potions and cast spells on them that would put them in a trance so she could devour their bodies and souls.

Circe is a fictional character, a villainous sorceress and major adversary of Wonder Woman

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