Friday, September 25, 2009

King Lou Goes Universal

Stargate: Universe finds group of civilians and scientists trapped on the ship Destiny and trying to survive the rigors of space. Phillips will play Colonel Telford, a lifelong military man and the chosen leader of the ill-fated expedition.

"It's an interesting situation," reports Phillips. "Telford was supposed to be the commander of the away group who is going through the Stargate into the ninth address, which is an address that has yet to be discovered previously. The base is attacked, and Telford is unfortunately relegated to Earth. As you know, the rest of the crew, led by Robert Carlyle and Louis Ferreira, end up stranded in the far reaches of space. Telford, whose entire mission was to be front-runner of this crew, is now incredibly frustrated with not being part of that. His mission is now to get these people home and to somehow get himself on that ship.

New 'Stargate Universe' with Lou Diamond Phillips
by Reg Seeton


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