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The Last Supper

Is there a difference between simulated reality & the "real" one?
When fiction becomes fact, the veil is slowly being lifted .

Doctors Baffled, Intrigued by Girl Who Doesn't Age

16 pounds and 30 inches, 16-year-old Brooke Greenberg has not aged significantly, physically or apparently cognitively, since she was a toddler.

Doctors hope that her case could shed light on the mysterious genetics behind aging. "Why doesn't she age?" Howard Greenberg, 52, asked of his daughter. "Is she the fountain of youth?"

The Outter Limits
Season 3 Episode 4

"Events in our past seem to slip further away with time. But what happens when they circle back and meet us head on... in the present?" Opening narration

Fred Savage as Danny Martin Sandrine Holt as Jade/Laura

Frank Martin(PETER ONORATI) can't believe his eyes when his son Danny (FRED SAVAGE) brings home a beautiful new girlfriend from college. The girl, Jade (SANDRINE HOLT), is a dead ringer for a woman Frank rescued from a top-secret military experiment when he was a private in the army 20 years earlier. Of course, she can't be the same woman. Or can she? The Martins' world is turned upside down as Frank's past catches up with him and they gain a deeper understanding of Jade's timeless beauty.
Apparently, she was a teenager during the Black Plague living in the Northern part of Spain. Once the plague wiped out her village, she discovered that not only had she survived, she had somehow mutated; she no longer carried the gene for aging, she was immune to disease, and her body could recover tissue damage at roughly 700% of normal based on Dr. Sinclair's estimates.
Jade was considered the "imperial gem".

The English word 'jade' is derived from the Spanish term piedra de ijada (first recorded in 1565) or 'loin stone'. The trade name jadite is sometimes applied to translucent or opaque green glass. Green is the color of healing and hope, the element is water, also called "The stone of Fidelity"

Lion w/ Flower of life or complete geodesic sphere

For over 1000 years, Jade has been associated to longevity - ingested and worshiped for its life extending powers, believed to bring the holder a long and fruitful life. The Chinese called it the "Stone of Heaven". Emperors used to drink a mix of pounded jade and herbs in an attempt to become immortal. It is said that the mythical Queen Hsi Wang Mu who prepared for herself this elizir of life concoction, lived to be serveal thousand years old.
The sacred stones of Jade are also known for their serenity, wisdom, balance and things associated with the best of spiritual practice. It Vibrates in harmony with the Heart Chakra to love energy.
The Elixir of Life
Healing power of Jade

The 2008 Summer Olympic medals have a ring of jade in them. wiki

Jade (1995 movie)
When the assistant district attorney of San Francisco investigates the mysterious death of an important millionaire he discovers that the first suspect in this case is a friend of his who is married to an important lawyer. Now it is difficult for him to distinguish between what is reality and what should be reality.

Charlie Jade (2005 movie) & TV series.

Charlie Jade is a rogue private detective in a world dominated by greedy multinational corporations. While on an investigation, Charlie explores a secret desert facility. A massive explosion propels him from his own universe (alphaverse) to a strange parallel universe (betaverse). Soon, Charlie is drawn into a conflict that involves these two universes and one other pacifist universe (gammaverse) with unsuspected terror at its heart

Big Brother reality star Jade Goody
Jade's Last Supper

Goody died in her sleep in the early hours of 22 March 2009 (
Mother's Day)
In March 2009 underground artists DanundDave recreated the painting with reality TV star Jade Goody as Jesus, and her husband Jack Tweed as Judas. It was entitled Jade's Last Supper.

Battlestar Galactica "Last Supper"

Stone of Heaven
An Ancient Chinese Jade as Metrological Metaphor

A closer look at a Chinese art work rendered in jade about 3,000 years ago. The metrological elements of the Stone of Heaven illustrate a synthesis of art, form and science not expressed in modern thinking. We will also contend that a return to an ancient paradigm of value is within our grasp.

Monumental Art Invokes Synchronicity
There are no "secrets" and no "sacred" in Art. Secrets and the sacred reside in the observer, not in the observed. Liberating the secret/sacred requires movement on the part of the observer—movement from one category of observation to a higher. Sacred Art constantly reminds us: There are many levels. Do not be attached to one viewpoint

Monumental Art is also characterized by the interrelatedness of the individual components of its form. By design the parts not only work together, but incorporate a high degree of commensurability between divergent categories. For example, inches may be read as units of time, angles may be seen as lengths, linear measures as weights, weights as volume. The term synchronicity is often applied to such coincidences; but when diverse individual events are seen as part of a larger framework, synchronicity gives way to understanding that coincidence is co (inside) dence.
You can view the rest here:
I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here

Which could fill a blog of its own with "Spedi " "Certainly someone who invokes the name of Jesus as much as Hedi did in the first two episodes of “I'm a Celebrity...Get me Out of Here” ..... & baptism in a nearby river for The Hills star Spencer Pratt.

Ten celebrities are dropped in the heart of the Costa Rican jungle to compete in various challenges that test their survival skills in this reality competition that's voted on by viewers.

Who will be crowned King or Queen of the Jungle?

Lou Diamond Phillips

Jade to the East is as Diamonds to the west!

The Jungle Book King Louie ??


UPDATE: Jun 25
Thursday night June 24th, John Salley, Torrie Wilson and Lou Diamond Phillips will battle it out for the title of King or Queen of the Jungle. .....

Winner 2009 I'm a Celebrity... Get Me out of Here!
King of the Jungle is Lou Diamond Phillips

The 47-year-old actor bested his fellow stars to take home the title and win the lion’s share of the donation money for his chosen charity


"It was the finale of the jungle reality show “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here” last night and a winner was crowned. And according to Right Celebrity, it was actor Lou Diamond Phillips that won and was crowned King of the Jungle."

He also has money going to his favorite charity." - Art Has Heart non-profit organization, which provides college scholarships for needy high school students.

Heart Shaped sun spot ( sun = star)

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