Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jacob's Ladder

Truro - 2006 population: 11,765 ; Urban area: population 22,777,_Nova_Scotia

Jacob's Ladder William Blake

In ancient times the Pyramid was called the Pillar of Enoch, but to the ancient Egyptian kings, Enoch was called Iemhotop, meaning "He who comes in peace."

The Pillar of Osiris was housed at Abydos, Egypt. Also known as the Pillar of God, and

• the Maypole
Jacob's Ladder or Pillar DNA
• the Casket or Coffin of Osiris
• the Djed Pillar -The Divine Djed (Pillar) will stabilize it by 2012. We go from a "POLE SHIFT" TO "POLE STABILITY".
• the Pillar of Osiris,
• the True Cross,
• the Tower of Babel
• the Tree of Life, and
• the Tree of Peace or PEACE POLE
• the Pillar of Tara

"Osiris was the green faced god whom the Egyptians said came from Sirius to teach them the art of gardening, including the means by which nature could be nurtured into providing her secrets of transmutation."

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