Monday, June 29, 2009

E = m c2 2c m = E

"E = mc2, mc2 = E, E/c2 = m, m = E/c2, E/m = c2."
Are all of these are really possible?

The Cosmic Engine

"The Great Egress explains the spiritual aspect of both 3 and 7! The hand of God reaches out and touches us with a 1-2-3 trinity of creation. We in turn connect ourselves back to God with a 7-8-9 trinity of expression."

"In the Funnel, Tunnel and Maze diagram, the path through an entity, like The Cosmic Engine, is seen as equidistant in design, but with a definite directional bias. When combined with the Cosmic Engine idea, the funneling part of this diagram becomes equivalent to the portion of progress responsible for igniting impending coagulation. This is symbolized by a shape equivalent in design to that of an intake valve on a real engine. While in equidistant design the exiting funnel represents the ever-expanding exhaust of space displaced by the resulting spheres of influence." The Journey IN and OUT

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