Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Route 66

"Great American Road Trip” premiered last night (July 7) on NBC. Hosted by comedian Reno Collier *caution spoilers*

Seven families (7 dads, 7 moms & 14 kids , 28 ppl) from divergent backgrounds go on the journey of a lifetime. The families will drive from Chicago to Los Angeles via RV, traveling along Historic Route 66.

They will compete in a series of challenges that will ultimately lead one family to victory in order to win a prize of $100,000. Comical and clever challenges are set against iconic American backdrops such as the majestic Grand Canyon and the historic St. Louis arch.

Families include : Coote, DiSalvatore, Faverey, Katzenberg, Montgomery, Pollard & Rico who meet up at the Chicago Cubs baseball stadium "Wrigley Field"and given their RV, each decorated to the family style.

Above: Billy Cub the unofficial mascot
( Cubs won't allow costumes inside Wrigley Field)

"Marc and Hyleri recently fell in love. Having just formed a "Brady Bunch" family unit, this show will give them a chance to really get to know each other. Hyleri's daughter Sami, and Marc's son Andrew, quickly bonded over accusing the other of being high maintenance. The truth is, they all have a little "diva" in them. However, Marc and Hyleri are also active philanthropists and instill this in their kids. Sami is a natural entertainer who makes her voice heard. Andrew is a ladies' man who enjoys flirting. Each member of the family likes to be the center of attention and adores themselves -- and each other."
Hyleri pointed out her huge rock on her finger and asked how many carrots it was... Marc's replied "at least 7 k ".

First stop was Springfield, home of Abraham Lincoln where one family member put on president boggle head, while the rest help them through a maze of obstacles.

TheKatzenberg's proved that the turtle always wins the race. 1st to be at the finish line, last in vote count, sending them to compete again to say in the game. The next challenge was @ the St. Louis Gateway Arch

They place another memeber into a zorb ball (bubble) tied to a rope, in which they rolled through a series of arches. Needless to say the Katzenberg's lost due to their zigzaged . The winning teams teeny gloated about paying attention in geometry "the straight line is the quickest path"

Katzenberg's team color was green. So if we are moving away from June 25th events, then it would be very fitting that the Green/"7" k Diamond family would be the first eliminated. Lou diamond was crown king/winner of the last NBC reality show. OR it all could be a coincidence?

So on my road trip home today there was a new bulletin board erected. "Do You Dream In Green" The caps really stand out as DYDIG. I was not driving/caming @ the same time :P That would be dangerous as he11. Drivers here are crazy!

Green Diamond

I took my cam today to grab a photo of the Evolve Music fest poster in Halifax. I had been looking for the last few days for it. The original one was removed & replaced with Retro Night flyer with MJ.

I love the synronicities!

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