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The Bore

The Tidal bore "phenomenon in which the leading edge of the incoming tide forms a wave (or waves) of water that travel up a river or narrow bay against the direction of the current. As such, it is a true tidal wave (not to be confused with a tsunami)." wiki

Natural attraction finds out if it made the cut today

Did you know that more water passes through the Bay of Fundy in ONE DAY than goes over Niagara Falls in a year? The Bay of Fundy's rising waters travel into the Shubenacadie Tidal Bore at 13km (8mi) per hour.

"During the 12.4 hour tidal period, 115 billion tonnes of water flow in and out of the bay" -wiki

July 7 was the last day to cast a vote, so today we should find out if the Tidal Bore will win a spot in the worldwide New 7 Wonders of nature.
Bay of Fundy's next stage of natural wonders competition
266 nominees in 222 different countries are jockeying for position. They are divided into seven categories, with the top 11 vote-getters in each one advancing to the next round. The Bay of Fundy currently sits in seventh place in the seascapes division....

The list of 77 landmarks voted into the next round today will then be pared down to 28 finalists on July 21. The eventual winner in each category will be announced in 2011....

"The purpose of the contest is to highlight and raise awareness of beautiful places around the world,"..

We have so many features in the Bay of Fundy. We have the dinosaurs and the geology, as well as the two UNESCO sites here and just the whole marine eco-system that's been compared in bio-diversity to the Amazon rainforest.

New Minus Basin
The large tides in the Bay of Fundy result from tidal resonance. Tidal resonance occurs when the amount of time it takes a large wave to travel from the mouth of a bay to the far shore and back to the mouth is the same, or nearly the same, as the time between the high and low tides. This coincidence means that the general sloshing of the water around the bay can become synchronized with the lunar tides, amplifying their effect. When other factors come into play, such as storm surges, the tides in the Bay of Fundy have exceeded 20 meters.
At the head of the bore in a small town called Truro exists Jacob's latter /Victoria Park.

"Based on unisonal vortex mechanism, the phenomenon of tidal bore is related to two types of unisonal vortex, it can be caused by a huge clear air vortex, or by a vortex of molten matter propagating seismic waves underneath Earth's crust that have resonated in large volume of open water.

It is known and predictable that tidal bore events are triggered seasonally, can be triggered many times over several days around equinox when solar system alignment for Sun, Earth and Moon has occurred on the plane of ecliptic. "

"Image on above middle is tidal bore in Shubenacadie River on 26/10/06, Nova Scotia's largest river, take note of the circular wave patterns with big and small whirlpools in spiral arm clusters on the right side where water is rough, this scenario closely resembles a geographical terrain in Siberia. Solar system alignment was aligned Earth-Sun-Venus-Mars crossed with aligned Earth-Moon-Mercury-Jupiter and also crossed with aligned Saturn-Earth-Neptune."

“Old Sow”

Is the largest whirlpool in the western hemisphere, the second largest in the world - second only to the Maelstrom Whirlpool of Norway. Located between Deer Island and Indian Island, this natural wonder can be seen from the shores of Eastport, Maine. It is called “Old Sow” because of the sounds that are heard from the churning waters.

This powerful whirlpool is formed when the rising tide passes both sides of Indian Island, takes a sharp right turn around the southern tip of Deer Island to flood the Western Passage. A current of over 6 knots (11 km/hr or 6.9 mi/hr) has been experienced off Deer Island Point. In addition to the waters pressing through the narrow straight, the waters are forced along the peaks and valleys of the ocean floor – a trench as deep as 122 meters (400 feet), followed by a reduction in water depth to 36 meters (119 feet) and again followed by a depth of over 107 meters (350 feet). The current of inflowing tributaries within the Passamaquoddy Bay add to the already busy waters.

Old Sow is reported to be most active about 3 hours before high tide. This activity continues for about two hours and takes the form of a collection of small gyres, troughs, spouts and holes and on the rare occasion will form one large funnel. This area, which has been reported to be as wide as 76 meters (250 feet) in diameter, can best be described as turbulent water. However, during spring tides (high water tide caused by a full or new moon) combined with high winds or a tidal surge will increase Old Sow’s activity causing more intense funnels and formations.
Unique Tidal Village
Bear River NS also known as "Little Switzerland" or Village on stilts, had the first Canadian Solar Aquatics system. The area of Annapolis Royal/Digby and Bear River share a lot of Canadian firsts in History)

high tide/low tide

Speaking of NS's lost paradise, Cherry Festival is just around the corner, which date is also determined by the flow of the tides.

July 25th 2009

The Bear River cherry trees were said to be very unique as they would regenerate from seed. They did not have to be grafted like most types of cherry trees did.

These tides also brought up river massive tall ships to pick up lumber produced by the logging company "The Clark Brothers" In its hey day (1890’s) Bear River had six shipyards and six lumber mills even though its population was only 1200.

Musings and Folklore of Bear River

The Cannon
Buried by the Bear River Trading Company building on Main Street. Its history has remained a mystery

Bear River is situated between two counties, Bridgeport port was known as the Annapolis part of Bear River, Hillsburgh being the Digby part. So at one time, the old-timers would refer to town as The Bridge.

In the 1600's, during the early years of exploration, one of the first settlers to the area placed a wooden walking stick into the ground, thus resulting in the growth of a tree. The deed for the property on which it grew prohibited the cutting down of this historical landmark. This true account can be found in history books on the area, particularly those written on Annapolis Royal, the oldest surviving settlement in North America.
Annapolis Royal/Port Royal


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