Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Black Pearl

Tallships Nova Scotia 2009 kicks off to day through to August 1. The International Gathering of World-Class Tall Ships Promises to be the largest gathering of world-class Tall Ships® in North America. Between 40 to 50 unique and historic vessels

Nova Scotia is the last stop.
Confirmed Ship: HMS Bounty

HMS Bounty was built for the 1962 movie “Mutiny on the Bounty” by MGM Studios in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, to tell the story of the famous maritime mutiny that occurred in the South Pacific in 1789.

Which reminds me of Jack Sparrow & the Black Pearl. Google provided an interesting sync.

Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England) August 9, 2007
RIDDLE OF TALL SHIP'S TALL TALES! Row over Black Pearl claims.(News) Byline: By ADRIAN BUTLER

IT is a mystery that would baffle even double-crossing pirate Jack Sparrow.

A tall ship that visited Liverpool on a tour of Britain was announced as the Black Pearl from the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

But closer scrutiny revealed it was merely another ship used in the hit movies.

Now the same case of mistaken identity has happened 300 miles down ...

Halifax Board Walk

Kiss are also in town for the concert on the hill

& McCartney's yacht has been spotted on the Harbour

Update: Videos
KISS, Halifax, July 18/09...Hotter Than Hell
Kiss Halifax Blood
Crazy confetti rock and roll

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