Friday, February 19, 2010

Matrix calling Neo ?

Case of the “Spontaneous Text”

OK… this is kind of interesting and weird. I recently upgraded to Windows 7. I discovered the Speech Recognition program in the control panel and started playing around. It worked very well without training and includes a lot of controls. Copy, paste, select, correct, etc…

While I was practicing dictating into WORD, my two sons came stomping up the stairs in the usual “noise” around here. This noise caused the program to misspell a word. I responded with the command: “delete that”. To my surprise and amazement the machine typed: “The ego delete that”. I roared with laughter as I reached for the button to click “off” the Speech Recognition Application. Before I could the machine typed:

“40 over you say to my most of the demons more than in me of all the time of, the move from a what you think is a 3 to 9 edge behind the mask here that the lord of the age to come, stop was a”

Further intrigued, I sat back quietly, folded my arms and watched the machine type. I never spoke a word as I watched and listened. One son sat and strummed his Acoustic Guitar while the other son was banging around in the kitchen looking for a snack.

As all the “normal vibrations” of home life with teenagers ensued, I witnessed the machine work very hard to listen to these vibrations and translate them to TEXT. The machine not only typed it also interpreted various sounds to “commands” and the cursor jumped around within the text, highlighting, deleting, correcting and randomly moving “text” around.

I was fascinated to witness this because amongst the Gibberish appeared “phrases” that caught my attention… Phrases that seemed to connect thoughts….

Strange I tell you. Anyway, below is the “Spontaneous Text” generated by “wordless sounds”. See if you see any interesting phrases and patterns. I was reminded of the MATRIX: KNOCK, KNOCK NEO…

The ego delete that

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Which reminds me, there is a list of clyon/terminator news snipps from the last week that I will add once is back on line - along with the R2D2/CP30's ones like these-

Joey Fatone Plays Hardball Over Life-Size R2D2

Cylon teddy bear is frakkin' scary

Yet another terrifying Boston robot roll call (with bonus DARPA Cylon)

Adult sex robot unveiled for $7,000

Artificial Intelligence Socially Interacts with and Learns from People on Facebook

Ping-Pong Robot's Skills Stun Tokyo Crowd

Is it just me or is weird just getting way too weird? With UK discloure... the rise of V.R and A.I make one wonder if we really are in a Stanley Kubrick movie? It is after all --> 2010: The Year We Make Contact

Caprica: “Rebirth” (Episode 3) Soul of a Cylon
At the end of the first episode (Pilot), we're introduced to Zoe-as-robot (Zoe-R) after the human Zoe dies in a terrorist attack and her avatar (Zoe-A) disappears. In Rebirth, we discover that Zoe-A is no more (somehow deleted). We also learn that "Zoe" is in fact a "trinity" of human, avatar, and robot. In her first encounter with Lacy since the terrorist explosion that claimed her human form, Zoe confronts the existential dilemma of being "trapped" in a Cylon body, "Lacy, it's me. It's okay, you can take a good look. Do I look male to you? I'm trapped!"

Zoe reflects on her human self and the confusing nature of being 3-in-1, "Zoe's original program was destroyed when he [her father] put me in here. So, at least he won't be putting any more of me into more robots. God, it's confusing. I mean, I'm Zoe and the avatar and the robot. I'm like some kind of wachacallit... three parts..." Lacy responds, "Trinity, that's what you are, three faces of one thing."
Evolution of the Cylon

All this reminds me of the Crowley movie- "The Beast" /Chemical Wedding. If u havn't seen it, I suggest the next rainy day download it. The science department put together a kind of virtual reality time machine. If u google the reviews it unfortunately falls into the “films that should not be seen”; only because the movie is based on his work.... no blood, guts and gore 'horror' reviewers are so used to- you do have to have some occult knowledge for it to make sense.

Aleister Crowley was a notorious British occultist of the early 20th century who was dubbed the "wickedest man in the world," so it seems odd that there haven't been more horror movies exploiting his story. (my thoughts exact)

The film begins in 1947, with Crowley recruiting a couple of Trinity College ( Too bad i lost my Meat Suit II -would fit perfect here -it is now 'wip'. When it's finished i will add a link ) students to help him conduct a ritual that will supposedly reincarnate him after death -- or is it resurrect?

Fast-forward 50-odd years later, and American physics professor Mathers comes to Trinity to hook his virtual reality suit up to a super computer dubbed the Z93. What he doesn't realize is that the computer's programmer, Victor, has been secretly inputting Crowley's works into the system.

One day, Victor gets his colleague, Professor Haddo, to try on the suit as he runs the Crowley program, and through the magic of movie science, Haddo becomes possessed by Crowley's spirit. He transforms from a mild-mannered, stuttering professor into a cocksure, sexual jerk who likes to pee on his students.

Rest of the review can be read here :
But the movie the VR machine "triggered" Haddo's true inner self. He was Crowley from birth, he truely woke up.. he had regained his past lives, along with his 'majic' powers. The whole science team consisted of the reincarnations of his entourage ( Jack Parsons/Scarlet Woman & etc)

Look forward to the rest in MeatSuit II.

Oh and I forgot, I do have an introduction coming soon :)
Until then much peace and love to you all !!
- Alice

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wow I find that at the least a tad interesting..why was your computer talking about god and the lotus? wow thats would u explain this? haha