Friday, February 19, 2010

Great Oaks

Golden Bough from Roman mythology 'found in Italy'

They discovered the remains while excavating religious sanctuary built in honour of the goddess Diana near an ancient volcanic lake in the Alban Hills, 20 miles south of Rome. ...They believe the enclosure protected a huge Cypress or oak tree which was sacred to the Latins, a powerful tribe which ruled the region before the rise of the Roman Empire.The tree was central to the myth of Aeneas, who was told by a spirit to pluck a branch bearing golden leaves to protect himself when he ventured into Hades to seek counsel from his dead father.

Cold weather splits 1,200-year-old oak near Wrexham

Known as the Great Oak at the Gates of the Dead - to split down the middle.
The 1,200-year-old oak, near Chirk, Wrexham, has a 34ft (10m) circumference trunk and is thought to date back to the reign of King Egbert in 802. It is near the site of the Battle of Crogen in 1165 when the tree is thought to have been spared by King Henry II.


That 1,200 it looks just like the one in Pans Labyrinth - Cresent-Moon Wild Horses & the Grail -Acorss the Atlantic

I posted this before i had to chance to finish... tuned in later for more on the Yggdrasil tree/Oak mythology . In the mean time , check out HammerHead Rabbits ( found while looking for a photo of Yggdrasil) -- > A great post on Prose Edda & the "World Tree".

Heres a bit of a teaser from the Golden Oak:

The Iron Cross originally was the symbol of the Teutonic Knights : Close up of Oak Leaves and Swords - yoni in the middle

1/2 way to the North Pole: Stewiacke Sits an Oak Marker...with EMERGENCE

Looks like Mother Nature had fun with some fungi ;)
Stewiacke Mastodon Ridge Yoni