Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bones/Anubis The Hero In The Hold

Notice octagonal O in Bones?
The Eight and the octagon represent resurrection and rebirth

Hodgins has still not fully recovered from being buried alive with Brennan. He may even be partially to blame for Booth’s kidnapping. Turns out Booth was tasered, knocked out and stuffed in a toy-like yellow submarine. When he gets out of the tiny submarine, Booth finds himself face to face with someone from his military past. The team works on locating Booth and finding who is behind the kidnapping, but the phone message the Grave Digger http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Bo ... .80.932009

David Boreanaz played Angel - the Vamp gone good, that buffy the slayer fell in love with.
Interesting a taser mark look just like a vamp bite.

When he emerged from the yellow sub, he was faced with a ghost from his past. They used a clay statue just like this to blow a hole to escape. * sacrifice of the Goddess ?

Once into the light .. the ghost departed ( after long chats with david clearing him of guilt he had in aiding his death & to pass a msg on to his love one) seconds later, he was lifted off a ship (that was going to be blown up ) rescued by a helicopter

During the visit of the grave, Bones explains she doesn't believe in ghost, but according TPTB, there was no possible he could escape on his own. While David was delivering his msg, the ghost walked by Bones, she seen him and they share a few words.

I wish i could watch it again and grab some screen shots (&more time on this post) but David Boreanaz was so resonating Anubis last night - trapped by the "gravedigger". Emerging from his stargate to escorted his fallen comrade, through the belly/darkness of the ships hull out into the light.
In this, he fulfilled Anubis duties, by protecting the spirit & leading him to the afterlife.


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