Thursday, March 19, 2009

Elves & Fairies

I found the most interesting book while cleaning out some old stuff. Its called Stories Old and New; The Book of Elves & Fairies. -Geddes and Grosset Ltd.

On the back it has "Titles available in this series; Stories from the Old Testament, Stories from the New Testament, A child's Garden of Verses, The Book of elves and Fairies." Very interesting combination of writings.

The Foreword states:
"To impart true fairy spirit as well as literary flavor, many famous Fairy poems by Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, Michael Drayton and other poets are included; so that the volume forms a collection of the best Fariy literature, not merely planned to give the children joy, but to be of real educational value"
This collection contains:
Tis the Hour of Fairy Ban and Spell;
Come Come to the Fairies Story Hour;
Adventures of Robin Goodfellow;
The Potato Supper;
The Milk White Calf and the Fairy Ring;
Tis the Midnight Hour;
Monday Tuesday;
Legend of Bottle Hill;
Elfin Mount;
And Will You Come Away My Lad;
Saint Francis and Saint Benedict;
Little Redcap;
The Curmudgeon's Skin;
How Peeping Kate was Piskey-led;
The Brownie of Blednoch;
Kintaro the Golden Boy;
The Flower Fairies;
The Fairy Island;
The Four Leaved Clover;
The Gillie Dhu;
How Kahukura Learned to Make Nets;
The Smith and the Fairies;
The Coal Black Steed;
The Girl Who Was Stolen by Fairies;
The Girl Who Danced with the Fairies;
The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood;
The Story of Childe Charity;
The Enchanted Witch.

There is one page that is tagged - which happens to be the story of Flower Fairies from China - should synch up nicely Flora- Goddess of the month of March ( coming soon)

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