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Sanctuary stars Amanda Tapping as Dr. Helen Magnus (Stargate SG-1), Robin Dunne as Dr. Will Zimmerman (Dawson’s Creek), Emilie Ullerup as Ashley (jPod), Christopher Heyerdahl as the sinister John Druitt (Stargate Atlantis) and Ryan Robbins as Henry Foss (Battlestar Galactica). -
I mention earlier that Major Samantha Carter travels via the waterdoor to other worlds in SG1's star gate, with the rest of the cast who resonate Oz's theme to battle evil. In Sanctuary they track down, study and protect the strange and often terrifying creatures that secretly populate our world and live among us. Amanda Tapping is dorothy/alice resonator.

"The Wizard of Oz and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland stories are often used when programming children. the link with the sex slave trade which often uses mind control techniques to fragment a childs mind. The triggers used to bring out specific personalities are often taken from Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland. The government controlled mind control experiments which focused on children were called Project BlueBird and Project Monarch. Project Bluebird used LSD, as it was popular with the CIA, MK-Ultra and Tavistock at the time. The "blue bird" is taken from Oz - when Dorothy sings about blue birds flying over the rainbow. Project Monarch marked it's victims with a butterfly." Mass Media Meets Mind Manipulation

Oblivion Gate, Macabre Alice, and the Great Beast 666
"In the macabre computer game Alice.. we see the psychedelic experience gone horribly wrong, the Lovecraftian checkerboard laced atmosphere and the insane patrons you meet along the way, acknowledge and reinforce the idea that looking for the bottom of the rabbit hole.. is not for the faint of heart.. Learning said truths can lead to hallucination, mania, and amnesia.. Scared yet?? Keep telling yourself it isn't real as you tug viciously at your straight jacket belts! - and bounce aimlessly around your padded cell! Join me on a visual expedition.. to unmask the Poltergeist curse, the Knight's Templar torture on Friday the 13th, the bizarre Sharon Tate Manson murders, And the Hellraiser Cube - Ark of the Covenant.. Costumes are mandatory.. I will be going as a cross dressing Alice in Wonderland with herpes.. No candy apples or razors please. -Soundlessdawn
Back Sanctuary
The organization was started by Dr. Helen Magnus to assist her efforts to help and study Abnormal creatures. The founding principle developed by Helen is "Sanctuary for All".

Dr. Helen Magnus, was a member of "The Five", a group of scienists; which included also Nikola Tesla, Nigel Griffin, Dr. James Watson, and John Druitt; who wanted to push the boundaries of their understanding of the physical world through unconventional means. In that push, Magnus acquired a vial of untainted vampire blood and used it in a serum that "The Five" injected into themselves. After the injection, they each developed different gifts;

Magnus gained a high level of longevity which included resistance to disease,

Nigel Griffin's molecules became photosensitive,

Dr. James Watson's mind was able to reach incredible new heights,

John Druitt developed the ability to teleport,

Nikola Tesla was turned into a vampire.

"The Cabal", a powerful shadow organization that captures, studies, and experiments on Abnormals (Abnormal population is a threat to the human species)

"Revelations", they test a small amount of a biological weapon named Lazarus, causes all types of Abnormals to become extremely violent (rabid) attacking anyone nearby.

This is part of The Cabal's overall plan to incite humanity against the Abnormals so that they can wipe out the entire Abnormal population and gain a greater amount of power over humanity. wiki

Sanctuary has a large number of connections with the Stargate franchise. The show's creators, Damian Kindler and Martin Wood, are producers and directors for Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. Amanda Tapping has starred in both series, Ryan Robbins portrayed Ladon Radim in Atlantis, and Christopher Heyerdahl plays two recurring characters on Atlantis. Several guest stars from the first few webisodes - David Hewlett, Paul McGillion, Kavan Smith, and Chuck Campbell star or recur on Atlantis, the two latter also appear in the Sci Fi-produced series. Additionally, Stargate Atlantis regular, David Nykl was present in the cast of Sanctuary's fourth episode, "Kush".
Episode 8, "Edward", one of the creature drawings created by the episode protagonist is of an Unas, a recurring species in Stargate SG-1, another one is of a Wraith, from Stargate Atlantis.

Another Sanctuary w/ the same story can be found in Mutant X:

Created by Marvel Studios (a division of Marvel Comics), the story centers around Mutant X, a team of "New Mutants" who possess extraordinary powers as a result of genetic engineering.
Adam Kane (John Shea), is arguably the smartest man alive-the strategist, tactician, and moral center of Mutant X. It was his experiment that inadvertently created New Mutants-and he takes as his responsibility to save the salvation of these innocent victims of society. Adam has the serenity of a warrior poet-the perfect leader of Mutant X.
They live in a secret Sanctuary. I have only seen a few shows, but it does have interesting alice in wonderland theme, black/white queens etc, a brave new world type bad guys looking to test the mutants.

Reminds me alot of Dark Angel (Dean from Supernatural was Alec in this series, introduced as Max's breeding partner at Manticore)

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