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Supernatural Friday 13th

Supernatural 4.15 'Death takes a holiday'

I was trying to hold out on watching season 3 & 4, but I couldnt resist watching this one on Friday 13th.
"The normal rules don't exactly apply to us," Sam

You cant help notice that Sam now has transformed into superhuman demon fighter, being able to cast the black smoked demons with much ease. Sam as a baby was infected with balck smoke demon blood. He has transformed fully into the indigo/star/demon child. ( Azazel who was the demon who infected Sam with his blood as a baby) This black smoked demon is not Azazel, but one much more powerful called Alistair.


He psychokinetically throws Dean into a headstone, but when he tries it with Sam, it doesn't work.

"You're stronger, Sam. Been soloflexing with your little slut?" Alistair says.

"You have no idea," Sam replies. More foreshadowing?

Sam then easily rips the demon from the body, with no nosebleed.

* Dean & Ruby are now a thing & she is helping him channel his mojo powers. Ruby also has magical "demon-killing" knife.
Her motive is to help Sam increase the efficiency of his powers. However, still being a demon, Dean doesn't trust her. The knife that Ruby carries is now with the brothers. Ruby, in season 4, is almost always referred to as a "Bitch" or a "Slut" wiki
Death has stop so Dean & Sam go to investigate, but before they do they have to journey into the land of the dead. Reapers can only be seen "on the other side" The brothers get Pamela Barnes (Sophia), psychic extraordinaire, chants a spell-incarnation to help them astral project, into the underworld. One there they can see their bodies and hear Pamela's thoughts. She mentions that the boys are over the rainbow.

Alistair had both male & female reapers binded within Solomans seal to sacrifice; this would then open the seal to bring forth the Apocalypse. Killing a Reaper under a solstice moon opens one of the 66 seals

Dean and Sam being ghost themselves are trapped in a iron pentagram but use their jedi powers to knocked down a light, breaking the seal setting Tess free. ( who dean had an affair with while in a coma) You can see the divide between them getting bigger, one will become dark, one will be come light. The arch angel showed up towards the end of this one and saves they day.

"You can't run, Dean. Not from me. I'm inside that angsty little noggin of yours," he says.He stares at Dean, smiling. Suddenly, an electric arc shoots down, striking Alistair.

"What the hell?" Dean says.

"Guess again," Castiel says, from behind him.

They prevented the seal from being opened, and captured Alistair. Castiel counts that as a win.

Castiel responsible for Sam and Dean being there. It wasn't Bobby that called with the tips, it was Castiel. He needed the brothers because the funeral home was covered in occult symbols preventing the angels from entering.

You can read the whole story here : Supernatural: Death Takes a Holiday & i guess its time i pick up season 3.

Heres an interesting site about Azazel/Melek Taus/The Peacock Angel

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