Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fringe Midnight

Not surprise (with current headlines) Fringe last night was about biological terrorism. Syphilis w/ high fever being a mask for some type of 'vampire' like virus? Do they know something we don't??

Left: Fringe 6finger hand from opening credits
Right: True Blood promo

'Midnight' -The investigation leads to a scientist with reluctant ties to the ZFT bio-terror group.
Investigation into the deaths of people whose bodies are drained of their spinal fluid leads the Fringe Division to a scientist named Boone with ties to the sinister bioterrorist cell ZFT. His wife has been infected with an extinct syphilis strain that leads her to crave spinal fluid.
'ZFT' - the 'dark side' of Massive Dynamic

"your world is our world" - is this for real ?? * check out the careers! ?
ZFT stands for "Zerstorung durch Fortschritte der Technologie" or "Destruction by Advancement of Technology"
"Massive Dynamic is a multi-billion-dollar corporation responsible for development and production in a variety of different areas. These include but are not limited to weapons testing, robotics, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. Its home office is in New York. Charlie Francis estimates the company to be worth around $50 billion. Massive Dynamic was founded after the partnership of William [color=#FFBF40]Bell [/color]and Walter Bishop was ended by an incident in their Harvard Laboratory, which resulted in the death of one of their assistants. While Bishop was sent to a mental institution, Bell went on to form Massive Dynamic
Back to The ZFT & the Manifesto: from - Feb 12 2009
What they are up against seems to be clearer...[color=#FF8040]Interdimensional or parallel universe beings, "much like us", fighting for the survival of their own world.
The document explains how scientific and technological progress will lead to the Apocalypse. It also describes the existence of a parallel world inhabited by beings not unlike us existing in an history slightly ahead of our own. The document further states that the way to travel between the universes has been discovered and that the final outcome of these travels will be the survival of only one of the two worlds: us or them.

Walter points out that the term recruit used by Jones in the instructions for his Evaluation system is also found in the ZFT manuscript: "Many warriors of the inevitable confrontation are among us now - but before they can be considered soldiers, they must be regarded as recruits. And the expectation must be that they shall be unwilling".

Walter appears very interested and troubled by the manifesto. At the end of Ability he confirms to himself that an old portable typewriter in his own lab has been used to type the document.
Its interesting to note, that Walter remember the manifesto and seemed very trouble after hitting the letter 'Y' *

Y = " intermediate stage that takes place between the Black and White phases of the Great Work"
Dimension Doorways :
The two forks (Y) of the twig held one in each hand symbolise the synchronisation of the two hemispheres of the brain and may even stimulate this synchronisation. The single branch where the two forks of the stick join together represents Neutral and this is held outwards before the dowser. When a line of force is encountered, the forked twig will often give a violent jerk and will be magnetically pulled downwards or pushed upwards by the force of the meridian – especially at the nodal points where the two energies cross.

Interesting is the fact that the letter Y’ also symbolizes the Androgonyne or Hermaphrodite in Alchemical literature – the two sexes as One. (See Figure 19.) - male and female - as the opposite energies, balanced in perfect equilibrium
To understand the 'y' nexus see the 13 Masonic Secrets
Also see pseudoccultmedia for more analysis of the Fringe series

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