Thursday, April 2, 2009

True Blood Season 2

HBO recently announced the show season 2 premiere for June 14 ! For a recap of last years line up:

Spoilers here

I personally cant wait to see what happens with Tara & the woman who took her in with her strange powers.
"eerie communications with pigs. According to the books, she is a maenad, a character in Greek mythology who worships the god of wine and acts like a wild, insane woman."
Will she be the new "supernatural" beast?
“There's a new supernatural creature in town, one I've never seen on TV,” says a source on the set of the HBO series. “Even vampires are scared of this thing.

Jason's new found salvation with the fellowship should take off this season, I wonder if he can take control of his V problem?

Oh yes, Don't forget about that foot & what about Sam the shapeshifter? This season from what I gather will be full of surprises!

True Blood is also picking up some new stars this season- Valerie Cruz (Dexter), Anna Camp (Cashmere Mafia) and Ashley Jones (The Bold and the Beautiful), join the previously confirmed Michelle Forbes, Mehcad Brooks and Deborah Ann Woll.

True Blood episode names come from the a song used in and significant to that episode. Song tracks & Season 1 Esp. can be seen here & here

What side are you on??

Left: The American Vampire League is dedicated to the securing equal rights for Vamps. Its time they regained their human rights.
"Vampires are immoral. Support Human Rights. Say NO to the Vampire Rights Amendment"

Season 2
Episode 2.01 - Nothing but the Blood

Episode 2.02 - Keep this Party Going
Keep this Party Going was written by the B-52's a New Wave rock band formed in Athens, Georgia, United States, in 1976. The band's name comes from a particular beehive hairdo resembling the nose cone of the airplane of the same name. During their early years, wigs of that style were often worn by the band's female singers Cindy Wilson and Kate Pierson Keep this Party Goin is from the album Funplex.( Wikipedia)
Episode 3 -Scratch My Back
Episode 4- Let's Take a Trip Together
You can get the full scoop on Eps 1-4 here

Promos looking a bit like the Fraiser logo

This body holding me reminds me of my own mortality.
Embrace this moment.
we are eternal.
all this pain is an illusion

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