Saturday, April 25, 2009

UFO Sighting During A Famous Italian Action Movie

"Regarding the first scene that I discovered, taken from the film, I have based attention on a single object in the image "e" that is at the left of the actor "Raoul Bova" and that is the object more clear and has a more lasting from the beginning; from image "4a" is noted that the object was circular in shape and size is more crisp than its previous position on the image "1a" (moment in which that object makes its first appearance in the movie) then it follows from this that the object moves in a three-dimensional space that is starting from the image "1a" the object is farther from the area of film catching in relation to its position in the image "4a" it follows that the object is approaching, what makes me say that the object is a three-dimensional object is that this shows areas of light (or of reflection) and gray areas in fact looking at the image "4a" I have marked with the n ° 1 the darker circular crown which is the gray area and the N° 2, the central circular brighter representing the area of reflection, therefore I can say that the circular object is a sphere that is, it is three dimensional and moves in a three-dimensional space." -Mario Maisto
You can read the full analysis here
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