Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Minor earthquake rocks eastern Newfoundland

A small earthquake shook parts of eastern Newfoundland on Tuesday night, authorities said.
Local Time: 22:56:03 NDT Latitude: 47.4 North Longitude: 53.5 West Magnitude: 3.3 MN

The quake with a 3.3 magnitude occurred at 10:56 p.m. local time, with its epicentre near Whitbourne, said Steven Halchuk, a seismologist with Natural Resources Canada. The initial report had pegged the magnitude at 3.4.

The Earthquakes Canada office, a division of the federal Department of Natural Resources, reported the site as being 37 kilometres west-southwest of the Conception Bay town of Bay Roberts, although the quake's effects were felt in Placentia Bay, along the Southern Shore of the Avalon Peninsula and as far away as the Burin Peninsula.

"It was a very eerie feeling," said Placentia-area resident Selina Rowe, whose first thoughts included thinking of an underwater earthquake that struck southern Newfoundland in 1929.

"I thought about the tsunami on the Burin [Peninsula] … I got in my car and drove out to the ocean, to see if the bay was empty," Rowe told CBC News.

"It felt like a big boulder, someone had dropped it on the Earth. It had vibrated the house, and even the dog stopped and looked up."

Anecdotal reports also say the quake was strong enough to shake some houses.

Holyrood resident Margaret Swinimer said she did not know what to make of the noise.

"It's like a plane coming very, you know, close to the house. And I said, 'Maybe it's a piece of equipment going by,' but not this hour of the night," she told CBC News early Wednesday.

"It was just a rumbling, like a deep, deep noise, and it didn't last very long," said Swinimer, who called out to her husband, Jack.

"He didn't hear anything because his [Boston] Red Sox were playing," she said, adding the noise continued for about a minute, but that she didn't feel anything move.

Nothing on USGS site:

Venus in the mirror. 'Amor' (son of Venus) meaning 'love' is 'Roma' (Rome) spelt backwards. Hence the planet Venus mirrored (reversed) across the Sun from one Bigfoot day to another
The news story has a lot of hatching going on. Etemenank explains the big foot events & some of the 'monkey king' also see 311 Orange Virus Alert - Monkey King coming out of the Egg

I just found a great blog !! :) via google - 'nfld and ley lines'...Illuminati Under the Microscope
Zoar, Canada is at 55.5 N latitude: It is difficult to find on google - see detailed map yourself. It is just south of Nain.
CONCLUSION: Newfoundland is the oldest British Colony. It is directly east along 55.5 N latitude.....

Lord Baltimore set up Avalon as a refuge for PEOPLE. Roman Catholic refugees from protestant repression in England. Therefore, if the Holy Grail is a bloodline, it was brought to Canada - a place of refuge like Joseph of Arimathea sought. The Capital of Newfoundland is St. John's , the City of Legends. . St. John plays heavily in Templar and Holy Grail legends. Rosslyn Chapel is in St. John's Parish. In the Da Vinci Code, the figure seated to the right of Jesus at the last supper is not St. John it is the wife of Jesus and co-creator of his bloodline, Mary Magdalene. - more here:


StrangEye said...

and Halifax, Nova Scotia burnsPurcells Cove is located at 44°36'54"N, 63°34'38"W in the Halifax region of the Halifax / Dartmouth Trail, Halifax county.

A military map dated 175 1 shows the Northwest Arm labeled Hawke River. The names, Sandwich River and Hawke River, were probably never used except upon plans,
because as early as 1752 in a grant of land to William Russell at Purcell's Cove.

In a semiotic wink there's also William H Russell who co-founded the Skull and Bones.


Quintessence said...

StrangEye that is fantastic info!!!
do u mind if i add that to Mayday ?
You comment came as i was typing this up.

Also the first cases of the swine in Canada happened in Windsor nova scotia- H2Ohexagon pointed out here the swine flu is now being call Novel influenza ;)

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